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  H-4800 Motor Ready Worm Gear
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H-4800 Motor Ready Worm Gear
Product Code: 5540
Hub 2.59
Gear Ratio 65:1
Drum Capacity 1/8" 72 ft
Drum Capacity 3/16" 48 ft
Rated Capacity 5000 lbs
Unit 1/box
Weight 37 lbs
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The #5540 is the first and most affordable electric winch offered to the poultry industry for feeders. Beesley International exclusively held the original patent on the design for 19 years. The H-4800 is the most reliable winch Beesley has ever sold, with fewer than 50 to have ever had trouble in over 30 years.

Automate your feed and nest lines with Beesley's motor ready worm gear winch. The worm gear design eliminates the need for brake washers and prevents the line from slipping under light loads.

Beesley recommends a 2:1 breakdown on feed lines that weigh in excess of 1/2 the capacity of the winch.
H-4800 Motor Ready Worm Gear    H-4800 Motor Ready Worm Gear    
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