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  1/8" Cable Clamp
Cable & Accessories  /  Cable Hardware  /  1/8" Cable Clamp
Product Code: 1030
Unit 1,000/box
Weight 34 lbs
Socket Driver 5/16"
Torque 3 1/4 ft lbs
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We recommend cable clamps for attaching cord drops to suspension rod main lines. They can also be used to secure nests on cable drops and many other applications. While malleable cable clamps are widely used in the poultry industry, Beesley International does not recommend their use on critical overhead loads, especially where failure could cause harm to humans or damage to equipment. When using cable clamps, you will achieve 80 to 90 percent of the cable's working load. Always use a thimble when eye-splicing to reduce wear, especially when hanging nests.

Pay special attention to torque settings when installing cable clamps with impact drivers and drills. Overtightening can affect the integrity of the cable or rod.
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