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  1/8" Suspension Rod 390 ft
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Product Code: 2840
Weight 16 lbs
Length 390 ft
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Beesley's suspension rod is a high tensile spring grade wire. It can be used on main lines in both broiler and breeder houses, as well as turkey houses. Since its introduction in the poultry industry just a few years ago, it has quickly been adopted as an alternative to galvanized wire rope.

Coupled with our line of high tenacity polyester cord for drops and straps on the winches, this winching system is the solution for growers who prefer a "cable free" installation.

Use caution when handling suspension rod as the coils are under tension. Bending the rod will result in a weak spot that should not be put under live load.
1/8" Suspension Rod 390 ft    1/8" Suspension Rod 390 ft    
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